SourceBans++ 1.5.4 released

One of the community members on the Alliedmods forums has created a new ‘fork’ of the Sourcebans package. This forked version of SourceBans 1.5 is a modified / updated version of the original SourceBans Public Release Version 1.4.11. It adds cool features and corrects many bugs that have come up in SourceBans 1.4.11 with SourceMod and Valve game changes since 1.4.11 was released.

For more details, the download and upgrade procedure please checkout this topic on the forums.

SourceBans 2.0 Public Preview

We are pleased to release a pre-alpha version of SourceBans 2 for public preview. SourceBans 2 is still under heavy development, and we may introduce significant changes without prior notice. Please use it for testing purposes only.

There are still several bugs and missing features, but we encourage you to play around with the application, and give us feedback. While documentation is in the works, installation still consists of uploading the contents of the “web” folder to a web server and visiting http://hostname/sourcebans/install. As this is an early preview, there is no upgrade path for SourceBans 1 yet.

See the SourceMod forums for details and download:

SourceBans 1.5.0 BETA game plugin

Dear community,

we have released a beta version of the SourceMod plugin for our upcoming 1.5.0 release. It has been rewritten to be more robust and offers better support for third party plugins. Read the full write up on the SourceMod forums and feel free to take it for a spin!

SourceBans Steam Group

As we want to inform as many people as possible when we release new updates and patches, we have setup a SteamGroup for SourceBans which you can join. Here we will post announcements and important updates to SourceBans.

SourceBans 1.4.10 Released

A new feature and maintenance update for SourceBans has been released. This updates adds support for global overrides and group overrides as well as CS:GO.
You’re now able to add server-only admins with no web permissions by leaving out password and email address.

There are two more security fixes included, fixing a XSS vulnerability reported by NightlyDev and a LFI exploit, which was only accessible for users with owner permissions.

You’re recommened to update as soon as possible!

(21/09/12): Version 1.4.10
01. * Added support for global overrides
02. * Added support for group overrides
03. * Added option to add admins without a password and email set, if they don’t have any web permissions
04. * Added mod support for CS:GO
05. * Added basic link parsing in comments. Pasted links are now clickable
06. + Fixed trying to unban badly formated steamids for games not using STEAM_0: but STEAM_1: or similar. Steam Universe is specified per mod.
07. + Added filesize of demo on download to enable browsers estimate the download time
08. + Trimmed whitespace from submission form input
09. + Added option to add disabled mods
10. + Servers are now sorted by serverid in the server list
11. + (Plugin) Enhanced sm_ban to use everything after the 2nd argument (time) as the reason. No “quotes” required.

SourceBans 1.4.9 Released

A new maintenance update for SourceBans has been released.

This addresses some more serious security issues that have been reported by endreu and Qabandi. Thanks to those again!

You’re recommened to upgrade as soon as possible.

(18/11/11): Version 1.4.9
01. * Added mod support for Alien Swarm, CSPromod, E.Y.E and Nuclear Dawn
02. + Added admin name to dublicate admindetails error message
03. + Permission to permaban now follows sm_unban permission, even when sm_unban is overridden. (Thanks psychonic)
04. ! Fixed problem with lost password page (Thanks to Qabandi)
05. ! Fixed SQL injection exploit (Thanks to endreu)
06. ! Fixed status regex to handle the new formatted “status” command output.
07. ! Fixed some log spaming bugs in the plugin (SQL_FetchRow)
08. ! Fixed playername ending in a backslash causing javascript error on unban/delete
09. ! Fixed searching for a name containing a questionmark in the quick search causes sql error
10. ! Fixed not checking for dublicates when changing the server ip/port
11. ! Fixed the accordion widget to fail on init on various pages randomly. (Thanks Nephyrin)
12. ! Fixed total bans count isn’t right
13. ? Updated IpToCountry.csv

gameME adds Sourcebans support

gameME Stats, the global ranking and statistics system for HL1 and HL2 based games can now synchronize player bans from SourceBans automatically and integrate these into gameME Stats. Banned players will be hidden from the ranking, listed on the banlist and marked on gameME Stats webpages.

Every account is sychronized once a day and only permanent bans are integrated. If a player is unbanned, this is recognized as well and unbanned players are not hidden anymore from the ranking and displayed normally on the webpages again.

Player bans imported to a gameME Stats account are not transfered to other gameME Stats accounts. Also, the bans won’t be added to the gameME VAC banlist.


To active gameME Stats SourceBans sychronisation it is only required for gameME owners to setup the option “Sourcebans URL” within the account options to point to your SourceBans webpage. The bans will be sychronized automatically within one day.

The team has also integrated support for SourceTV enabled gameservers now.

More information on gameME can be found on

SourceBans 1.4.8 Released

An update for SourceBans has been released.

This release contains some serious security fixes facing a current exploit. All site administrators are highly recommended to update their installations now.

I’m happy to announce, that there is a new free hosting offer opened for everyone:
Get your free sourcebans setup over at!

(12/03/11): Version 1.4.8
01. * Added option to hide player IP’s from public on banlist
02. * Added search for comments
03. * Added little icon on banlist indicating that there are comments on that ban
04. * Added option to ban by community id (converted to steamid)
05. * Added edit form validation
06. + Seperated server admin password from web password in admin adding form
07. + CServerInfo & CServerRcon classes updated to support BIND_IP for web servers with strict firewall/IP policies
08. + Added error logging to local ban queue
09. + Added links to FAQ to common error messages in plugin
10. + Changed emailing form to only send to emails that belong to submissions or protests
11. ! Fixed XSS exploit (Thanks to Sw1tCh)
12. ! Fixed showing php notices
13. ! Fixed admins losing permissions if gameserver can’t connect to the database
14. ! Fixed RCON console in IE (Thanks Synergy)